Cleaning an Altro Safety Floor in Turville

Altro Safety Floor Before After Cleaning Turville

Just for a change I thought I would post something a little difference from the usual stone floor projects I get involved in. The floor below at a building in Turville near Henley on Thames and is of an “Altro Safety floor” belonging to an existing customer of mine. This is a heavy duty type of flooring usually found in industrial/office premises and normally these floors require little maintenance but in this case however a small flood left the floor difficult to clean.

Altro Safety Floor Before Cleaning Turville

Deep Cleaning an Altro Safety Floor

To restore the floor back to its original condition I first pre wet the floor and applied Tile Doctor neutral cleaner to the floor and left it to dwell, I then scrubbed the floor with a coarse burnishing pad fitted to a rotary scrubbing machine, I then rinsed with water and extracted the dirty water with a wet vacuum then mopped the floor with more neutral cleaner.

Altro Safety Floor After Cleaning Turville
Being a safety floor there was no need to seal the floor but before leaving I worked out a maintenance plan for the customer that will enable them to keep the floor in good condition going forward.

Safety Floor Deep Cleaned near Henley on Thames

Cleaning an Altro Safety Floor in Turville

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  1. Great transformation, and thanks for pointing out we cover Commercial as well as Residential floors, in fact Tile Doctors operate throughout the UK so we are able to provide regular cleaning contracts on a local or national level to large companies.

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